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Χαρίσης Χρήστος


Christos Charissis (1966) is an artist and Assistant Professor at the Department of Fine Arts, University of Ioannina.  He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, and at the Vakalo School of Graphic Arts, Athens. He has presented various personal and collective exhibitions and his work is consisted by paintings, assemblages and public installations. He has also worked as art director in theatre and films. In 2016 Christos Charisis and Eleni Molyva created the shared artistic identity ce_lab. Since then, they have worked together as visual artists under this name.

His works are in private and public collections. He lives and works between Athens and Ioannina, Greece.



2015: Neverland, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2014: 1996-2014, Municipal Gallery of Ioannina, Greece.

2010: “Urban Landscape”, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2006: Untitled, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2004: “Sweet dreams baby II”, Amymoni Gallery, Ioannina, Greece.

2003: “Sweet dreams baby”, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2000: Untitled, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece.

1998: Untitled, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece.

1997: “Flows and Actions”, Amymoni Gallery, Ioannina, Greece.

1994: “The journey’s end”, French Institute of Athens, Ioannina Department, Ioannina, Greece.



2022: Rawmantic, topikapkato, Salonica, Greece. (ce_lab)

2022: I ME CE 2.0, Barin Han, Istanbul, Turkey. (ce_lab)

2021: New Acquisitions 2008-2021, E. Averof Gallery, Metsovo, Greece.

2019: Lands of creation, a tribute to Metsovo, E. Averof Gallery, Metsovo, Greece.

2018: Ioannides & Vagena Collection, Municipal Gallery of Nikea, Greece.

2017: #Rest@rt Art Platform, Aqua Gallery, Santorini, Greece.

2013: “The teacher”, MIET, National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, Athens, Greece.

2012: “Compositions – Oppositions”, Fournos Gallery, Tinos, Greece.

2011: “Dodonian Speech”, Cultural Center of Dodona, Dodona, Greece.

2011: “10 Art Professors”, Vakalo, Athens, Greece.

2010: “Erysihthon”, Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece.

2010: “Athens Art Fair”, Athens, Greece.

2009: “Aside”, Gea Gallery, Peiraus, Greece.

2009: “What is new and interesting?”, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2008: “Portrait of a Museum”, Averof Institute Gallery, Metsovo, Greece.

2008: “Artists and Writers”, Zappeion Conference and Exhibition Center, Athens, Greece.

2006: “Wo+man”, Cheap Art Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2006: “Crossing borders”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2006: “Αn Outing”, Beltsios Collection, Trikala, Greece.

2006: “Almost Light”, Alekton Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2004: “How does the threat looks”, Trikala, Greece.

2004: “Art 2play – 2use – 2wear”, Diana Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2004: “The other body”, Eugenidion Institute, Athens, Greece.

2004: “The suffering Body”, Athens, Rethymno, Greece.

2004: “Athens by Art”, Municipality of Athens & AICA, Athens, Greece.

2003: “Athens Art Fair”, Athens, Greece.

2002: “Planning today, tommorow and yesterday”, Averof Institute Gallery, Metsovo, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2001: “Amitiés – Body”, Cultural Center of Ioannina, Greece.

2001: “Matter and Artwork”, Vafopouleion Cultural Center, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2001: “Reflections”, College of Athens, Athens, Greece.

2001: “Body”, Vafopouleion Cultural Center, Thessaloniki, Greece.

1997: “Athens Art Fair”, Athens, Greece.

1996-1997: “Germinations 9”, Young Artists European Biennale, Prague, Nice, Luxemburg.

1996: “Art and Movies”, Melina Merkouri Institute, Athens, Greece.

1996: “Language”, Art Center, Municipality of Athens, Greece.

1995: “I’m flying with a book”, Technical University of Athens, Greece.

















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